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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Superb tips for first time sex

Sex is a natural desire which is important for all living beings.  Sex has been a art of life. Sex has been the most fundamental part of lovers and married couples .Some guys are having sex without knowing each other much but only by the attraction only in few minutes .It is also the matter of emotion.You have to take it serious because many disasters in human lives come along with it.

first time sex

 If you are a newbie and you are gonna have sex for the first time,  you must take some pre- safeties while having sex and while appearing on sexual relationship.
          In this post I have listed some tips which you must consider while having first time sex:-

 1. Safety first:-

There's no such thing as totally safe sex, but you sure can be safer. Make sure he's wearing a condom (even if you're on the Pill) and talk about your respective sexual histories. I know it may sound like a buzz-kill, but heterosexual women have a higher risk of contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection) than men, so it's up to you to take a proactive interest in your sexual health.

2. Don't have too-high expectations:-

Sex generally improves as you get to know someone and become more comfortable with each other's bodies. So don't feel pressured to make it the best night ever, because this is just the first of many.

3. Breathe:-

 First-time sex can be tense and nerve-wracking, not to mention painful sometimes. Taking long, deep breaths can help you relax and let go.

4. Don't forget to enjoy foreplay:-

 All the stuff that leads up to intercourse — kissing, touching, oral sex — is part of the sexual experience; it's not just about penetration.

5. Make sure you're amply aroused before intercourse:-

Not only do you want to be genuinely turned on, you want to be sufficiently lubricated. If you're too dry, she'll have trouble entering you, you'll feel discomfort, and the friction can cause the condom to rip. So, keep water–based lube on hand just in case.

6. Speak up:-

 Let him know what feels good, and what doesn't. Guys crave feedback, so don't be shy about cluing him in.

7. Don't assume he's the expert:-

 He may be getting a lot of his information about sex from porn and the tall tales of his buddies in the locker room. And, even if he is experienced, every sexual encounter is unique. He's just as worried about pleasing you as you are about getting him off.

8. Don't expect to have an orgasm:-

Of course, it's great if you do. But, most women don't climax the first few times with a new guy. Orgasms come with a sense of comfort and specific knowledge of each other's bodies, and that takes time.

9. Don't fake it:-

 If you do, you'll only be cheating yourself. Letting him know you came close and want to get there with him will keep him motivated.

10. His penis may malfunction.:-

Guys get anxious too. Premature ejaculation and erectile difficulty are common the first time a man sleeps with someone. If he has a problem, don't make a big deal out of it or worry that there's something wrong with you or your connection. More than likely, it will work itself out.

Even experienced men make rookie mistakes when they have sex with a new woman for the first time. And she's taking mental notes. "First-time sex gives her a sense of your generosity and how much you care about her," says the sex therapist Sandor Gardos, Ph.D. Nearly two-thirds of the 2,385 women we polled say they consider first-time sex an indicator of a relationship's potential. 

5 Keys to Great First-Time Sex

Put in the Time

The three-date rule is not reliable. The majority of women we polled said they typically wait eight or more dates before sleeping with a man. She'll drop hints when she's ready to have first-time sex with you. Your green light: When she creates total privacy for the two of you, says Darcy Luadzers, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the author of The Ten-Minute Sexual Solution. Has she invited you over for dinner and mentioned that her roommates are out of town? Take the hint.

Pay Lip Service

Lots of kissing reassures her that you're not simply out for sex, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., the author of Touch Me There! Only one in seven women would consider sleeping with you without a makeout session first, reveals a study in Evolutionary Psychology. And two-thirds of women have ended a relationship based on the first kiss, possibly because the man was a sloppy kisser. Trace her lips with your tongue, and alternate soft kisses with gentle sucking on her lips

Descend Slowly

Spend at least 15 minutes kissing and caressing before moving below. Many women take about 8 minutes to become aroused before they want clitoral stimulation, "so double that and you should have her at the brink," says Luadzers. Trace your hand along the outside of her hips, slowly working your way between her legs.

Use Your Head

If you're receiving encouragement, kiss your way down. Fifty-two percent of women in our poll said they want you to spend at least 15 minutes south of the border. Using your tongue, make your first full stroke from her perineum to her inner labia, and then barely touch her clitoris. Stop. Let her breathe while you kiss her inner thighs. Repeat. 

Ace the Main Event

In our exclusive poll, a plurality of women (38 percent) said 10 to 20 minutes of intercourse is all they desire. Keep your Kama Sutra on the shelf: Sixty-six percent want to keep the positioning fairly tame at first. Have her lie back with her knees slightly bent, and place pillows under her hips, torso, and head. That'll allow you to kneel between her legs and enter her as you simultaneously stroke her clitoris with your hand, says Patti Taylor, Ph.D., the host of the podcast Expanded Lovemaking.

Upgrade Your Endgame

Your postcoital plan should reassure her that you're not just out for a one-night stand. Start with the obvious: cuddling. Fifty-six percent of women want about 20 minutes of closeness. It doesn't take much. "Even just taking her hand or laying your arm over her stomach is enough to make the point," Gardos says. And don't forget the follow-up: Fifty-nine percent want a phone call the next day, not a less-personal e-mail or text. Give her a quick buzz after work—you won't look overeager, but she'll still feel wanted.

First time having sex? Here’s an ‘all you need to know’ guide for men

The first time you have sex can be quite nerve racking. Especially for men, as they are required to ‘perform’. But guys, here’s exactly what you need to know when you are prepping for the first time you have sex.

Don’t forget the condoms

An important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should carry protection whenever on a date or even if you don’t think sex is in the offing. Many a times, people don’t carry condoms and in the heat of the moment end up having unprotected sex which can lead to unwanted pregnancies or STDs. 

Enjoy the moment

A lot of time sex becomes a sort of an ego game where men are worried about whether they’re doing it right and pleasing their women. Stop being nervous and simply enjoy the moment. Forget everything you’ve ever seen in the movies and porn because that’s not real. Just enjoy being with her, remember that it’s not a game or something to make you a stud but a close moment with your partner that you will cherish in times to come. 

Give foreplay the time it deserves

One common complaint that women have is that men don’t spend enough time on foreplay. What you need to realize is that there’s far more to sex than just penetrative sex. Outer-course is an umbrella term that refers to all forms of sexual acts except penetration which includes kissing, foreplay, oral sex, mutual masturbation, necking, dry humping, rubbing, massages, mammary intercourse and much more. A lot of women have trouble reaching orgasm through vaginal intercourse and giving them an orgasm through either fingering or oral sex could be the way to go. 

It may hurt

Sometimes sex can hurt for the first time. The tip of your penis could be sensitive or it may hurt her. Dyspareunia or pain during sex is a fairly common phenomenon among women; one out of five women experiences it at least once in their lives. Mostly, it’s due to lack of lubrication so keep that in mind and keep some handy.

Don’t buy into myths

There are a lot of myths about female virginity, the most common being that all women bleed the first time they have sex. People believe that this is due to the hymen breaking, but hymen breakage has nothing to do with virginity. It can break due to vigorous exercise or even due to activities like cycling. And even if your partner’s not a virgin, it shouldn’t bother you (unless you’re a chauvinist male pig).

Communicate and ask her what she wants

One of the most common problems new couples have in the bedroom is that they don’t discuss sex or talk about it. You should do better and talk to your partner about any inhibitions or fears that you or they have about intercourse. Ask them what pleases them and what they expect out of sex. Be frank about your own expectations and explain that it might not be very good the first time but you’re going to try your best.

Expect issues like premature ejaculation and erection issues

Sometimes the pressure of having sex for the very first time might get to you and you could suffer erection issues or premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is fairly common because of the way sex feels for the very first time. If you do come too quickly don’t worry about it, premature ejaculation should go away in time once your body gets used to rigours of vaginal intercourse. Another issue you could face is a weak or no erection (known erectile dysfunction). This is mostly due to the psychological pressure of this being your first time and you shouldn’t worry about it because the problem will resolve itself. However, if it does continue you should visit a doctor because erectile dysfunction could be a symptom of diabetes or heart disease. If you are unable to perform in the bed, try this home remedy.

Don’t fret if she doesn’t orgasm

Many women find it hard to ejaculate through vaginal intercourse and the only thing that works for them is clitoral stimulation. It’s important to not worry about it. If you find it hard to make her orgasm through vaginal intercourse, you can always try to make her orgasm through oral sex or fingering. Remember that the penis isn’t the only sexual organ you have.

It will get better…

The most important thing you’ve to keep in mind is that NO ONE is good the first time. Sex like everything else takes practice and you will get better with experience. So don’t worry about it and just enjoy your first time.


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