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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nepal vs USA Live Cricket 2015 | ICC world Twenty20 Qualifier

Nepal vs America Live Cricket 2015 

Nepal is Playing Against USA , First match of ICC World T20 Qualifier 2015.
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  • 5th Match, Group A: Nepal v U.S.A. at Belfast
    Jul 10, 2015 (14:15 local | 13:15 GMT | 19:00 NPT)

Tournament Facts ICC World T20 Qualifier 2015

As the ICC shrinks the opportunities of the Associate and Affiliate nations more and more, all the while calling it a “positive step” towards the development of the game, the ICC World T20 Qualifiers is one of the major tournaments for many cricket nations who, unlike the Full Members, aim to move forward not by tradition but on merit. Because of the decision to curtail the One Day WC to just 10 teams and the pretentious “first round” in the WT20 that denies the teams to take part in the tournament proper, this tournament, for some teams, is as big as it can get, alongside the ICC World Cup Qualifiers. With increased fame and focus on the tournament, though, the teams will certainly look to give their best and make people notice of their talents.

Nepal in particular will be looking to continue their rise in the cricketing world by qualifying for their second successive World T20. They have had a bad form going into the tournament, but no team will take them lightly and indeed, if their top order finds its feet, they will be able to challenge all the other teams in the competition.

On Focus 

This has been repeated almost to the point of irritation, but once again the batting of the Nepali team will be under the radar. The middle order, with Malla, Khadka and Vesawkar, have done quite well, but it is the faltering top order that has failed to gain any sort of momentum in any of the matches. The management needs to take action and make sure players remain accountable for their failures and step up when it matters. If the current form with the bat continues, it looks impossible for Nepal to reach even the play-offs, forget qualifying for the WT20 in India.

With the conditions expected to  be bowler friendly and the young guns Sompal Kami, Karan KC and Jitendra Mukhiya doing quite well, it is easy to focus solely on them. But regardless of the conditions, it will depend upon Basanta Regmi and Shakti Gauchan whether Nepal can capitalize a good start by the pacers and convert it into big wins. The veteran duo must step up at the big stage and choke the opposition while taking the crucial wickets in the middle overs to ensure the opposition never get going, particularly with the batting being more fragile than ever.

Slightly surprisingly perhaps, the team’s acquaintance with the Duckworth Lewis Method may also play a crucial part in the tournament, seeing the weather forecasts is muddled with rain for the upcoming matches. The team will need to play according to the situation and ditch the habit of saving everything up for the end if they are to come better in what are likely to be the rain-affected encounters.


Of the six other teams in the group A, hosts Ireland are the obvious strong ones. With the talent of the players and the home ground advantage, Ireland are likely to continue their top form and it will take a very exceptional performance from Nepal to match their league.

The other two teams, which in my opinion will challenge Nepal, are the rising Papua New Guinea and Asian rivals Hong Kong. PNG are a rapidly rising side and they announced themselves in Europe by a convincing win over the Netherlands in the I-Cup encounter. With hard-hitting explosive batsmen at the top, Nepal will need to be at the top of their game to overcome the Barramundis.

Among the slightly weaker teams in the group are the fellow Division 2 team Namibia. While they gave Nepal a strong fight in the One Day tournament before giving in, their T20 gameplay is not expected to quite match the level of Nepal if the Asian team play to their potential. Along similiar lines are the old rivals USA, whose cricket both on and off the field has spiraled down at quite an alarming rate. Barring exceptional individual performance from the American team and a day off for Nepal coinciding on the same day, the encounter may be an easy one for Nepal.

Finally, the dark horses of the tournament Jersey are bit of an unknown quantity. With their rampaging form – at the back of which they qualified for their first ever global qualifiers – Nepal would do well to not take them lightly and bring out their best game.

If and when Nepal manage to finish at the top three and reach the playoffs, they will need to beat at least one of Afghanistan, Scotland or the Netherlands to get to the next stage without having to play another step of playoff. With all three teams being high quality associate sides, it will take Nepal’s top class performance to get past either of them. In case they fail to do so, or qualify as the fourth team, they will have to make sure they buckle up and beat the corresponding team from Group B to get that last qualifying slot.


In normal circumstances, Nepal do have the potential to reach at least the semi-finals of the tournament. But with the current batting form, it looks really unlikely that they will be able to get even the top three position of the group.

So I’d go ahead and say it is quite simple for Nepal: whether or not they qualify will be determined by whether or not their top order turns up.
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