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Friday, June 19, 2015

SLC Chance Exam Routine 2072

SLC Purak Exam Routine 2072

The OCE has informed that chance examination for those who have failed in one or two subjects in SLC exam will commence from August 5 i.e. Sharwan 20, 2072. Students who are failed in one or Two Subject in SLC Regular Exam can give the SLC Chance Exam or PURAK Parikchya.
The SLC Chance Exam will be start from sharwan 20 and will be end in sharwan 27

SLC Chance Exam Routine 2072 is as follows

1.       Sharwan 20: Compulsory English

2.       Sharwan 21: Nepali

3.       Sharwan 22: Mathematics

4.       Sharwan 23: Science

5.       Sharwan 24: Social Studies

6.       Sharwan 25: Population, Health and  Environment

7.       Sharwan 26: Optional First

8.       Sharwan 27: Optional Second  



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