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Monday, January 12, 2015

Routine of Nepal Bandha 2071

Here is the Routine of Nepal bandha . Maximum of bandha are represented by 30 parties leading by Parchanda ( A ne ka pa maobadi) and others by nekapa maobadi leading by mohan baidhye kiran.

It is not my interest to post Nepal bandha Routine i am forced to do this because of  our Nepali politicians.Maximum political parties in Nepal has been made "Nepal bandha" program to get noticed from government and peoples nevertheless Nepali People Doesnt Want Any kind of NEPAL Banda and such type of strikes.

All Nepali Wants No NEPAL BANDA.... All we want is NEPAL KHULLA Chha...

Think and say no to Bandh.... We want prosperous Nepal, not Bandh...Dare to speak, move and defy Bandh.

Routine of Nepal Bandha 2071

(Note : we don't support any kind of strikes / nepal bandha. this photo is found somewhere in internet /facebook .)



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