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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TU Bachelors Second Year Exam Routine 2071

According to ,TU  OCE Today Published the Exam Routine of Bachelors 2nd year 2071, the examination of Bachelor second year- 2071 of faculties of Humanities, Law, Education, Management, Science, regular and private, full and partial (Those who have given the examination of Bachelor first year first time in 2065 BS to regular students of 2071 BS) examination will be held according to the exam routine published today.

Exam controller office published the examination schedule for both 3 years Bachelor program ((B.Sc second year), Faculties of Management (BBS 2nd year), Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences (BA Second year), Faculties of Law (LLB 2nd year) and Faculties of Education (B.Ed second year) ) and 4 years Bachelor of Science  second year (B.Sc Second year) program. 
Examination will start from Sharwan 7 and will end on Sharwan 29. 
Exam time will be 7-10 am for Humanities, Education, Science and Technology faculty. 
For management faculty examination time is 1 to 4 pm. 
Examination routine of BBS Second year-2071 (exam time: 1 to 4 pm)
  1. 2071/04/09: Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning 211
  2. 2071/04/13:Foundation of Human resource Management 216
  3. 2071/04/18:Business law 204
  4. 2071/04/22: Fundamentals of Financial Management 215
  5. 2071/04/28:Fundamentals of Marketing 214
Examination routine of B.Sc Second year-2071 (exam time: 7 to 10 am)
  1. 2071/04/08:Chemistry-321
  2. 2071/04/13: Mathematics 321/Zoology-321
  3. 2071/04/15:Botany 321/Meterology 321
  4. 2071/04/18: Physics 321/ Microbiology-321
  5. 2071/04/20:Mathematics-322
  6. 2071/04/22: Geology II-321/ Env. Sci-321/Compt. Sci-321
  7. 2071/04/28:Statistics II-321
4-year BSC Second Year Exam Routine 
Exam Time : 1-4 PM

2071/04/08: Applied Statistics
2071/04/11  Chemistry -201
2071/04/14 :Physics -201 / Microbiology -201
2071/04/16 : Geology -201 / Meterology 201
2071/04/19   : Environmental Science 201
2071/04/21 : Mathmatics-201 ,Zoology 201
2071/04/23 :Statistics / Botany 201
2071/04/27  : Math 202

2071/04/29:: law 434 law of insurance

LLB SEcond Year exam routine 2071

Examination Schedule: BA Second year-2071
Time: 7 to 10 am

 Examination Schedule: B.Ed second year-2071

TU Bachelor Second Year Exam Routine 2071



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