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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tricks to Write Single name In Facebook

How to Write your Single Name in Facebook Account?

This post is about how to make single name facebook account without using last name.It means show your First Name only in facebook. This tricks is just about Show your First name only in facebook without using last name on facebook profile.This tricks is also a solution of  I don't want to keep my last name in Facebook Profile.

Tricks to make single Facebook account.

 It is not possible to Make Facebook Account without Last name because it is against the policies of Facebook. But if you want to make your Facebook profile with First name without using last name then simply follow my given steps below.For this you have use Mozilla Firefox as Internet Browser. This Tricks Doesn't work in others Browsers.

Now follow the tricks step by step to put only First name in your Facebook profile and how can i put only First name in Facebook.or How can i delete my last name from Facebook Profile.

Steps by Steps Tricks to write Single Name in Facebook Profile

1. First of All, Log in your Facebook Account and go to Account Setting.
2. Now in Second Step you have to change your browser Proxy can put anyone proxy address given below:  
PORT :-             8080

To Change the Browser Proxy use this Steps:
go to mozilla firefox then Go to Tools then go to Option Then go to  Network Setting as shown in Figure :
( Firefox >> Tools >> Option>> Setting )

Then Click on the Manual Proxy Configuration then put anyone proxy address  from above proxy address list  in HTTP Proxy and put port 8080 then Click on the use this proxy server for all Protocols Then Click ok shown in figure below:

3. Then go to Account Setting on Facebook then Change the Language from English to Bahasa Indonesia

4. Then Delete your Last name in Facebook and save the setting by putting your passwords in password Box.

Finally you are done. Now you can see your only First Name in Facebook Profile.

at last, Again Change Facebook Language from Bahasa Indonesia to English and Click on the USE System Proxy Setting in Connection and Save.

Enjoy, Only First name in Facebook profile without Last Name.
Don't Forget to Share this Idea with your Friends if anyone interested and don't dare to drop comment in comment box below if you have any problem. 

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