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Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Is Apple iWatch

Fact about Apple iWatch

Have you ever heard about Apple iWatch? Do you know when iWatch going to come out? What kinds of features will be there in iWatch? Have you seen the picture of  Apple iWatch?

Apple iWatch is a smart watch which will be able to do the tasks which has been doing by our recent iPhone and iPads. It is still in rumor that whether it will really exists or not. There are some notable evidences because of that we can conclude that there is most probability to see iWatch very soon in this 2013.

No body knows the price of iWatch and the release date

According to Bloomberg about 100 of designers are working as a team to produce a device which will be like a wristwatch and will be able to perform the tasks similar to iPhone and iPads. TechRadar has come up with a video of iWatch according to the rumors.
There is a big contradiction about iWatch release date. Some Bloomberg's sources has said that iWatch gonna release in 2013 but on the other hand Apple CEO Team Cook has hinted that apple is working for its new product categories ahead in 2014. 

TechRadar has made one iWatch concept model which you can see in this video below
The former Apple designer Bruce Tognazzini has mentioned in his blog post that the price of iWatch will be underestimated at launch.

The iWatch Will Be

  • Siri controlled: Tognazzini also believes that there will be some touch aspects on on the device but most of the complex tasks will be handled by Siri.
  • No Passcode:  There is more probability to have iWatch will have some fingerprint sensors or new image recognition technology.
  • Includes sports and health sensors: As we can think that probably Apple will put some sensors which will help to track sport activity as well as some health activity.
  • Includes NFC: Tognazzini has pointed to iWatch having Near Field Communication rather than iPhone 6 because watch can be always found on the wrist.
  • Waterproof: If iWatch will have some sensors related to health and sports then it might have waterproof facility as well to track swimming sessions and more.

Some Rumored Leaked iWatch Pictures



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