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Sunday, August 11, 2013

how to impress Girls in Mig33 Chat

 Tips to impress Girls in Mig33 Chat

Mig33 is a Social Network. We can Use Facebook chat also from Mig33. Mig33 is a specially used from Mobile.Mig33 Chat is Popular in Young Generation where we can chat with Unknowns and we can make new Friends From Mig33 Chat.You might have used mig33 to chat with your friends, make new friends and talk with unknown people (Mostly with girls, if you are a boy)
Here, I am giving a tip to impress girl while chatting in Mig33.

Below are the few tips that you can use while chatting with unknown girl to impress her.

Respect her, protect her, care for her, obey her, listen her, believe her, sacrifice for her, All of these is not necessary and old fashioned.

You just have to listen her and talk as you are not a little boy. I mean you have to show your matureness and control yourself being stupid.

Do care of those things a lot which is essential in a relationship. Like, giving gifts, using emotions, surprising her, cracking jokes, voting her photo and commenting in it. etc.

Don’t ever try to be rude and don’t start vulgar chat in first meetup. You must do clean chat and don’t crack your bad behaviors  with her.

These are the few tips to impress girl while chatting in mig33. Please comment your view below in the comment box if you like these tips.

If you have any tips about this then don't Forget to write in Comment Box Below.You Might use Mig33. You can follow me in (patrick_suils)


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