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Friday, June 28, 2013

TU Published MA Sociology/Anthropology First year Result 2069

TU published the results of MA sociology/ anthropology First year-2069


TU OCE Balkhu today published the results of MA 1st year Sociology/anthropology 2068 today.
The examination of MA Sociology / Anthropology First year was held on Bhadra-Ashwin 2068.
Result statistics of MA First year Sociology/Anthropology-2068
  1. Total number of students in MA First year Sociology/Anthropology-2068: 8,595 
  2. Total number of students who passed in MA First year Sociology/Anthropology-2068: 2142
  3. Pass percent in MA First year Sociology/Anthropology-2068: 24.92%
Students Can Check their Result in this Link : TU.EDUSANJAL.COM
Colleges can check the results of their students by login in to college result site EDUSANJAL.COM


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