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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TU bachelors Second Year Exam Routine 2070

TU Published Exam Schedule of Bachelors 2nd year 2070

Finally Tu Published the Exam Routine of Bachelors 2nd year 2070. Tu published BBS 2nd Year Exam routine 2070,TU BA second year Exam Routine 2070,TU BSC 2nd year Exam routine 2070 and all Bachelors Second year Exam schedule.According to the yearly examination calendar of Tribhuvan University Office of the controller of examination, the examination of Bachelor second year- 2070 of faculties of Humanities, Law, Education, Management, Science, regular and private, full and partial examination will be held according to the exam routine published today.
Tribhuvan University Office of the controller of examination, Balkhu today published the examination schedule (exam routine ) of Bachelor level 2nd year program for the faculties of Science (B.Sc second year), Faculties of Management (BBS 2nd year), Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences (BA Second year), Faculties of Law (LLB 2nd year) and Faculties of Education (B.Ed second year) for both regular and private students (full and partial).
  1. The examination for 3 years Bachelor level 2nd year-2070 is going to start from Ashad 26.
  2. Examination time: 1 to 4 pm
Exam Schedule of Bachelors 2nd Year 2070
Date Humanities Management Science and Technology LLB Education
2070/3/26 History/Culture/Geography/Buddhist studies/Linguistics-302/312

Chemistry-321 Criminal law 401/Law 422/Public International law See at the bottom of this table 
New and Old course: Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning 211


New and old course: Foundation of Human resource Management 216

2070/3/31 History/Culture/Geography/Buddhist Studies/Linguistics-303/313 F.S 306/316 (Culture)

Poetry law 403/Law 424 Methods of legal research and writing

Geology II-321/ Env. Sci-321/Compt. Sci-321

New and Old course: Business Finance 215 (old),
Business law 204 (New)

2070/4/4 Sociology-Anthropology/Social Work/Philosophy-302/312
Technical Theory (PTG/SCULP)-402/316/317/Music 401/315

Law 434 Law of Insurance

New and Old course: Fundamentals of Financial Management 215 (New), Legal Environment of Business-204 (Old)

2070/4/8 Pol. Science/Home Science-302/312, Math-321 F.S. Act/Dir/MPP/Adu/Ed-310/320

Mathematics 321/Zoology-321 Methods of Legal writing 404/ Law 423 Property law


New and Old course: Fundamentals of Marketing 214

2070/4/11 Nepali/English/Hindi/Sanskrit/Nepal Bhasa/Maithali-302/312

Interpt. of Statutes-405/ Law 426 Evidence Law


Physics 321/ Microbiology-321

2070/4/14 Economics/Dance/Music/Journalism/Psychology/Rural Development/Pop studies-302/312
History of Fine Arts and Aesthetic 401/315/316

Labour law 407/Law 428 Election law


Botany 321/Meterology 321 Refugee Law 412/Law 432/Criminology
2070/4/16 Sociology-Anthropology/Social work/Philosophy-303/313
F.S Sociology/Anthropology-307/317

Intl. inst. and Human rights 402/Law 421 Criminal law

2070/4/17 C. English-202

Election law 408/Law 427 Labour law

2070/4/18 Stat-321

Statistics II-321 International Air and Space law 409/Law 430 Environmental law
2070/4/20 Nepali/English/Hindi/Sanskrit/Nepal Bhasa/Maithali-303/313

Taxation Law 410/Law 429 International Air and Space Law

2070/4/21 Economics/Dance/Music/Journalism/Psychology/Rural Development/Pop studies-303/313
F.S Psychology 308/318/Music 402/316 Folk Music and Culture

Env. Law 411/Law 431 Rufegee Law

2070/4/22  Pol. Science/H. Science-303/313 Math/Stat-322

Mathematics-322 Law 433 Gender and Inclusive Justice
Examination Schedule for Bachelor of Education (B.ed second year) 2070
2070/03/28: New course: Ed. 314 Curriculum and Evaluation,
Old course: Specialization III  Eng/Nep/Math/Sci/Eci/Geo/Hist/Pol sc/HPE/Bus. And Govt Account/Pop. Ed/Ped. Mgmt (Materials and Methods)/Ed. 303/Ed. 313-EDU (Dev. in Nepal)
2070/04/01Old course: Educational Psychology ED 302
New course: Eco. Ed.-Government Finance, Financial Sys and Int. Trade/Eng. Ed. – English for Communication/Ed. Mgt.-Educational Administration/Geo-Ed.-Geography of Asia and Nepal/HPE. Ed. Fundamentals of Public Health/Hist. Ed-History of Modern India/Math. Ed-Geomatry/नेपा. शि-नेपाली कथा र उपन्यास/Pol. Sc.Ed. –Government and Politics of Nepal/Pop. Ed-Community and Reproductive Health/Comp Sc. Ed. (CIT)-MIS, Data Structure and Recent Techologies/NF.Ed- Non formal Education: Theories and Practices/Ecd. Ed. Foundation of Early Childhood Dev/Sc. Ed. Physics:/-321

New course: Ed. 313 Educational Psychology
Old course: Specialization IV
Nepali/Math/Economics/History/Pol. Science/HPED/Science IV (Bio) Animal Science, Plant Science/Pop. Edu-304/Ed. Mgmt. 301 (Edu. Administration)/Non formal Edu-NF Ed. 301/English Ed. 390 (ELT Theories and Methods) P. Ed- 390 (Teaching Nepali, Teaching English) ECD. Ed. 301 (Fund of Early Child Dev.)

2070/04/09: Old course: Curriculum and Evaluation ED 303
New course: Eco. Ed. – Economics of Development and Education/ECD. Ed-Early Childhood Development Methodology/Eng. Ed. – Expanding Horizon in English/Ed. Mgmt. Educational Supervisor/HPE. Ed. Sports Science and Games/Hist. Ed-History of Modern Europe/Math. Ed. – Real Analysis/ नेपा. शि. नेपाली कविता-काब्य/Pol. Sc. Ed.-International Politics and International Relationships/Pop. Ed. –Population and Environment Education/Sc. Ed. –Biology II/Comp. Sc. Ed. (ICT)-Communication and Cyber law/NF. Ed. Non. Formal Education Methodology-322

New course: Ed. Mgt. 323 Development Education in Nepal
Old course: Specialization VI
Nepali/Math/Science/Economics/Geography/History/Pol. Science/HPE/Business Edu/Ind. Edu./Pop. Edu-390  Eng Ed. 391 (ELT)/NF. ED. 302, Non formal Edu. Methodology/PED-390 (Social Studies Teaching Math in Primary Education) ECD. Ed. -302 (Early childhood Dev. Methodology) Ed. Mgmt. 302 Edu. Supervision

New course: Eco. Ed.-Methods of Teaching Economics/Eng. Ed.- English Language Teaching Methods/Geo. Ed. –Methods of Teaching  Geography/HPE. Ed. –Teaching Health and Physical Education and School Health Program/Hist. Ed.-Methods of Teaching History/Math. Ed. Teaching Mathematics/ नेपा शि- नेपाली भाषा शिक्षण/ Pol. Sc. Ed. – (Methods of Teaching Political Science) Pop. Ed.- (Methods of Teaching Population Education) Sc. Ed- (Methods of  Teaching Science at Secondary School/Comp. Sc. Ed- Teaching ICT and Object Oriented Programing and Database)-391

New and Old course: Bus. And govt. Account, Ind.Edu-303
2070/04/20: New and Old course Business Mgmt/Industrial Education-304
2070/04/21: New and Old course: Business Edu./Ind. Edu.-390

Note: We tried our best so that no mistake occurs while reproducing the exam Schedule. But we suggest you to confirm this notice with PDF File published by Tribhuvan University Exam Controller Office.
Detailed examination schedule  in PDF will be posted as soon as we got it from Tribhuvan University Exam Controller Office. (source : EDUSANJAL.COM)


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