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Friday, March 8, 2013

Nepali Movie Manjari Release Date and trailer

Release Date: March 22, 2013 (Chaitra 9)

Based on true incident that had taken place in Butwal a while ago , nepali movie ‘Manjari’ is made whose trailer has been released.Scheduled to released on the 9th of Chaitra, Nepali movie ‘Manjari’ has released its first look trailer. Sujatta Koirala and Gaurav Pahari are debutting as an actors featured in the lead roles in ‘Manjari’.
Other technical details of movie ‘Manjari’;
Tuka Entertainment presents “MANJARI”
Romantic Drama A Film By Ganesh Dev Panday

AUG 07 – The popularity of Nepali films has seen a definite rise in the last few months, particularly since the release and unprecedented success of Loot at the start of this year. With new, and somewhat ‘experimental’ projects coming up, more and more people are pouring into theatres, irrespective of the positive or negative press generated by projects. One of the main reasons for the kind of changes that the industry is witnessing of late is owing to the availability of advanced technologies, which have opened up novel avenues for filmmakers in terms of concept, technique, and style. Another reason is the emergence of new talents, who have brought a breath of fresh air into the stale fare that was being passed off in Nepali films. And among these is actor Gaurav Pahari, who has just wrapped up shooting for his first film Manjari.

Pahari always wanted to be an actor. His first inspiration, naturally, was his father, Tika Pahari, a noted actor himself, and whose support had been instrumental to Pahari’s budding career. “He encouraged me in my acting, but he didn’t want me to neglect my studies,” he says. So, after graduating, Pahari went to Mumbai to take up a six-month acting course. “It taught me a lot,” he says. “After that, I stayed back to try my luck in Bollywood.” He made most of his time there, grabbing at any opportunity that came his way and was able to find work in more than seven short films in India. One of them, Life Somewhere—directed by Mimoh Chakraborty —even won an award at the Canadian Film Festival in 2010. Pahari also tried his hand at Bhojpuri films with Kanun Hamar Muthime. “I was playing a negative character, and it wasn’t a very lengthy role, but it was still an incredible time, especially since I got to share screen space with Ravi Kisen, who is a Bhojpuri superstar,” he says. After a productive few years of working in Mumbai, Pahari has recently returned to Nepal. No sooner had he come back than Ganesh Raj Pandey, a long-time friend of the actor, whose first film Malati Ko Bhatti was released sometime ago, approached him for the lead role in Manjari. “When I saw the script, I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do,” he says. The film also stars newcomer Sujata Koirala opposite Pahari.
Now that the 45 day shooting schedule is done with, Pahari says he is happy with what they’ve achieved. “Manjari is a love story where a poor man falls for a rich girl, and even though that might sound clichéd, it is definitely not your typical romance.” The actor describes the kind of teamwork that went into the project. “We had workshops and discussions on how we could better the film, make the experience more natural for viewers,” he says. Playing a mechanic, he says he did quite a bit of homework in order to get into the skin of the character. “I actually learned to use tools, and even got a tan so I could look more like a Butwal native,” he adds.
In the future, Pahari hopes to do more off-beat films. “Of course, I don’t mean to imply that I won’t be doing any mainstream commercial films, but I guess my priorities are towards more realistic, and unusual projects from here on,” he says. “I want to do character-oriented films.” He refers to what Leonardo Dicarpio had done in The Basketball Dairies as the sort of thing that interests him. And does he plan on ever returning to Bollywood? “Yes, if I’m offered something interesting. But right now, I’ll be focusing solely on Nepali films,” he says.

Tuka Entertainment presents "MANJARI" 
Romantic Drama 
A Film By Ganesh Dev Panday
Introducing Gourav Pahari , Sujata Koirala
Cast - Bishnu Rijal ,Kopila Thapa ,Dipa Pokharel,
Resham Firiri, Sujan thapa And Tika Pahari 
Producer - Naresh Pandey / Mahesh Chalise
Associate Producer - Pradip Kumar Udaya
Director Of Photography - Mahesh Poudel
Music Director - Kali Prashad Baskota
Editor - Ananta Thapaliya 
Associate Director - Govind Singh Bhandari
Creative Head - Shaiffudeen Khader Mohamed
Choreographer - Gamvir Bista 
Sound - Amit Shrestha 
Colorist - Sudeep Shrestha 
Assistant Director - Kishor Bhatta
Lyrics - Kali / Sabin "Ektaare"
Post Production - Cine Zone

Watch Nepali Movie Manjari Trailer :


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