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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nepali Movie Chhadke Review

Nepali Movie Chhadke Review

"Web reservation quota exceeded" alert from the QFX website and huge crowd for advance ticketing in QFX for the Nepali movie Chhadke, makes it already a hit movie. But when you hear the viewer's opinion inside the cinema hall, then there is a different story to tell than the business that the movie does.

Nepali Movie Chhadke hyped as a story of Gangster crime based in Chitwan, has more to offer to the awaited viewers and the "bonus" (as told by one of the producer of the movie) makes people disappointed. It's not obvious that you always feel good for getting more, as in the movie the unexpected part in the later half, makes people discontent, which comes as a surprise to some and boredom to many. 
First half of the movie goes pretty well in a dynamic way and the plot builds up really well, making people expect more of the climax but the second half is bit confusing, and gets an u-turn of the main plot.
Chewang- the head of Royal Gang played by Robin Tamang (Robin and the new revolution) in a short role adds good weight to the movie and has played a good debut with his own style. Namrata Shrestha with her gangster looks as "Sholi" is another attraction of the movie and has kept the faith for her fan. All artists like Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa, Sunil Pokharel, Nikun Shrestha, Bipin Karki have played so well, that there are no flaws from the acting side.
Saugat Malla in a completely different look is the major surprise or disappointment to many not because of his acting but due to the sequences he has portrayed.
And one more thing I have found is the unbalance between the characters for the span of time they are in the frame and it's a mess if you have lots of major characters played by senior artists.
But apart from the twist and the unbalance, the movie is made well with nice cinematography, melodious music, and a good mix of different ethnic characters not to forget the funny character "Bindu"and his dialogues. Though there are no any dull moments, people are not satisfied with the plot and the script but if you see a movie as a plain entertainment, then the movie does not fall short. And to me, the movie should have stayed with single theme, and that of Gangsters theme rather than confusing people with it .... just my thought!!!                                                                                          Credit : Rdulal.


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