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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mig33 chat Commands List

Here is the List of Mig33 chat Commands.


You can easily send these Emote Commands to anyone in private chat in mig33 and Group Chat also in room chat.You can also add a mig33 username with Emote Commands. For using emote commands with a username, the format is /emote username , where emote is anyone given below and username is the mig33 username present in chat room/private/group.
For example, if your username is Patrick_suils and your friend username is vempireforu, then if you send /cry vempireforu , the generated message will be like this

 **Patrick_suils is crying over vempireforu’s shoulder**.

You can send any of your message in RED color. For that just type /me before your message. For example, My name is patrick_suils if i type /me going to kick, it will come in screen as patrick_suils going to kick. Now just type any thing like this and enjoy. Cheers.. This is one way to make all users listen to what you saying, because you message is in red color.



Collection of Mig33 Chat Commands list


Mig33 Olympic Games  Emotes


Mig33 Football Emote commands

 If you want a username to display with this try to send like this format /kick username, where username is the id that you are private or who is in room or in any group chat.

If You Have others commands for Mig33 chat like these, Dont Forget to Drop Comment in comment box Below.   


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